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Dresspheres Obtained
~ Thief
~ White Mage   (Cure)
~ Alchemist
~ Festival
~ Samurai   (No Fear, Clean Slate)

(No dress spheres come with the magical powers that come with the outfits. The only one that does is the White Mage, since it's for healing. The rest only come with the sout and the weapon. If for some reason I believe a spell from one of the others is needed, I will see to adding that here.)

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[Today is the first time in a while that Rikku can be found wandering around the village again in a good while. Where was she? Well, those who ever went to the ocean might've spotted her. Though it's not hard to tell that she's been somewhere without a lot of shade. How? Well she's a not so pretty shade of red at the moment. Not only that, but instead of her fast-paced, relaxed walking? She's trying to make the least amount of movements possible. And if she's found sitting, the only part that is touching the seat is where her skirt is.

She can't even remember the last time she had a sunburn...]

Okay, before anybody wants to point it out, yeah, I now remember why everybody wore a lot of clothes in the desert. [So no 'duh's' from you people!] I think I liked camping at the Thunder Plains better. At least I wasn't ever struck by lightning...

...Now...does anybody know a way to make it hurt less? It's like getting stung by a bee every time I move.

[And she's going to give the journal her best serious face.]
  And if anybody wants to poke me, I will poke back. [Okay, there really is no way for that to sound threatening, but it's not nice to threaten people with weapons over the journals.]
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[It's been a fun...almost three weeks for Rikku. With no memories, but still stuck with her Al Bhed personality she's had quite a fun time. Exploring a forest, an ocean, and some ruins has kept her pretty busy, and a few things are starting to feel familiar to her.

Sort of.

Today she has proudly found a certain ball, that she's already started to be able to do tricks with. Though while kicking it into the air gets boring quickly, instead she starts shooting for trees...but that she fails at quite quickly. One kick even knocking her journal over. But no worries, anyone watching won't be bored for to long! It only takes a few more times to get it to hit the tree just the right way to come right back at her...

Of course she wasn't  expecting it to come back like it did, but that doesn't stop it from hitting her square in the face. And then it becomes quite clear why some people use them as a weapon, because Rikku only manages a surprised squeak before she's on the ground. And the last thing the journal is going to get is 'THESE EVIL THINGS SHOULD COME WITH WARNINGS!'

Those around town just might spot Rikku on the ground, holding her face and kicking the air for a good few minutes. Because not only does her face hurt, but the headache is back! Or one can catch her walking through town, holding her nose, looking for ice, with an annoyed face that doesn't quite fit her.

Later that day though she'll turn on the voice function...nobody needs to see her with a bruised nose, but she can't hide the fact that she's pouting about all of this...]

I got my memory a really bad way...but I remember just about everything now...I hope.

I'm gonna be looking for a few people...You know who you are!! [And if not, she'll still hunt you down.]

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[So somebody left a dead body in the water today...

Well...not exactly, although it is understandable to think so when someone's under water for more than five minutes, unmoving, very roughed up (Cuts and bruises, mostly from her shoulders up. A great deal of them are on her face and back of her neck), only in her swimsuit and skirt, and so on.

Though if one waits before doing anything, every seven or so minutes she does come up for air...though easy to miss because she just barely floats up enough to do so before going back down.

(She can be found in any sort of water. The river, lake, or even the fountain if need be.)

Much later in the day though, after freaking out so many people, she can be seen wondering around the village with only a loose open shirt added to her outfit. She won't hesitate to stare straight at anybody walking by, or following anybody just to see where they are going. In fact she looks like she's just found a whole new world, and everything about it is very interesting.

Even the trees are making her smile.]

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...Can anybody tell me when the trees turned blacK? I'm pretty sure they were brown the last time I checked.

[There might've been a whole string of more questions, but her journal will eventually show that she's half buried in the snow, and just facing a tree. And  the reason for such a question might be obvious to those who know here. Currently her eyes are stranger than normal, showing no color except for the swirled pupils she's always had...or it might have something to do with the large bruise she's gained that's on one side of her head...which she would be paying more attention to, but it seems like she woke up after everything started to numb...]

...I think my arm is grey too...Maybe I'm just to cold.

[She might've tried to wonder a bit more, but there was another pressing matter...the jerks kidnapped her when she was in her jammies, and it's cold outside! And while she is completely out of energy, it doesn't take long before she makes it back. Though it's only for a short time that people will see her go by, because as soon as she get's to a recogniziable place, she flops right back into a pile of snow.

She may be freezing, but certain things come first. Like icing the large amount of bruises she's gained, and numbing the new cuts on her forarms...Just about everything together makes it look like she just had one hard fight that she didn't win.]

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[It has already been snowing for a day before Rikku decided it would be interesting enough to go out and see. She really isn't a big fan of the cold. In fact, she would rather be back home in the desert, but it's pretty enough to make it okay to go outside.

She doesn't go far though, but she ends up seated on the ground, right in front of the fountain. For a while she's just playing with the snow, but she's a quick learner when it comes to making snowmen. But she just can't leave it there, she has to add ice to the mix...The end result is a snowman surrounded by a clear ball of ice neatly sitting on the edge of the fountain....and it's a fairly decent size.

Hopefully people like pretty ice things.

Later in the day, when she's back being nice and warm in her room]

I have a weird request. Would anybody be good at cutting holes in some clothes for my wings while I'm wearing them? It's sorta confusing to explain, but it would be very helpful, and I promise I will do something for you in return...since there's no money here. I just really don't want to have them binded again...that hurt.
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Hey Shinra...


What's up with the lame dressphere?! The wings hurt, I'm wearing a plain dress, and my hair's down! What am I supposed to be? A little Al Bhed angel?!

If so, it could use A LOT of work!

Heey, are you even listening to me?!  [There will be a pretty long pause, she's waiting for someone to answer, but she gets the point after five-ish minutes.]

Well fine, if you won't speak up, I'll look for you instead. Especailly since you can't hide that airship when Brother is driving!

[Now she will head out, taking the journal she hasn't even opened along with her, only because it has her name on it. But once she's in a village, she doesn't act anything like a new feather. In face she's walking around, very close to people.  You see, she's out of gil. So villagers of Luceti, if you so happen to look behind you, you just might see a Rikku. And if they are good enough, they will see that she's...well, attempting to steal things from pockets. BUT she doesn't take anything unless it feels like money. But look at her at anytime while she's stealing, and she'll put on her best 'about to cry' face. She looks pretty pitiful with her hair down, and in a new feather dress though.

And will be using her book to cover her face if it looks like someone's about to hit her.]

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